Citizens' Crime Watch

Citizens’ Crime Watch is a nonprofit county-wide crime prevention program funded by the Miami-Dade Board of County Commissioners, grants and donations. When neighborhood watch is fully operative, you and your neighbors become the “Eyes and Ears” of local police department, telephoning the police at the first hint of suspicious activity.

The Neighborhood Crime Watch Program at Citizens' Crime Watch organizes neighborhoods of single family homes, apartment complex, gated communities throughout Miami-Dade County and its Municipalities. The program educates residents in crime prevention, homeland security, an natural disasters. Citizens learn about the local police department needs and establish a working relationship. They create a phone chain to communicate with neighbors in times of need. Our requests for service for the Neighborhood Crime Watch program grew tremendously this past year, not so much because of crime, but because residents in our community wanted to prevent crime from happening in their area.

This year, our Neighborhood Watch Program:

  • Established over 475 new Neighborhood Watch groups throughout the county and revitalized 315 old groups
  • Reached out through public awareness to 32,000 residents, distributing over 45,000 pieces of crime prevention literature
  • Responded to more than 2,100 inquires through our newly designed website from around the country and internationally
  • Visitors to our website are up, not to mention our YCW and CCW Facebook page with great comments
  • Coordinated Senior Crime Prevention programs reaching over 800 seniors

This year, our Youth Crime Watch of Miami-Dade Program:

  • Served more than 29,010 students
  • Reached out through public awareness
  • Distributed 40,115 pieces of crime prevention literature to the students, parents, teachers and school police officers

Our McGruff program participated in classroom presentations, school assemblies in topics such as anti-bullying prevention, gun safety awareness, sexting, Internet safety, drug awareness and reporting crimes in their school. This year we also participated in the Mayors’ Youth Roundtable initiatives, helping to bring awareness to our youth in preventing crime.

As a non-profit, we truly depend on the support of the community. We ask you to support us by clicking the red DONATE button in the banner at the top of any page in our website to select your level of support for this event. We also invite you to connect with us, support our effortsand stay up to date on Citizens' Crime Watch activities by using our social media links at the top of this page by sharing our website with your friends, following us on Twitter and liking us on Facebook!


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